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SJ Martin


Luc De Malvais is the leader of the famed Breton Horse Warriors; he is a legend in battle, a feared and ruthless swordsman who has spent months quelling the Saxon rebellions in Northern England for King William. It is 1071, in an England now harshly ruled and occupied by the Normans. Peace is a distant memory for the Saxon people as rebellions and retribution ravage the land.
Luc suddenly finds himself in the eye of the storm when Earl Alain Rufus orders him to manage and control a wide rebel area around the large village of Ravensworth in Yorkshire. It is not long before Luc is experiencing the full violence of the maelstrom that breaks around his head.
This Breton Horse Warrior faces the most dangerous challenges of his life when he finds unexpected forbidden love with a beautiful rebel and encounters a savage and merciless enemy out for revenge. Full of hatred and rage, this Saxon rebel leader resolves to drive out the Normans and destroy Luc De Malvais

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