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Duggan,III, Henry C.


Historic and charming Savannah, Georgia, is the setting for the actual 1820 fire that burned almost half the town, leaving it charred and dazed. An arson investigator is hired by the city to seek the cause and the fire starters. Though faced by multiple trials-a kidnaping, a duel and a villainous attempted drowning- he is determined to succeed. In the midst, he meets a beautiful young lady that captures his heart. Their courtship is a shining light among the challenges.

This novel captures the essence and the culture of probably the world's biggest cotton exporting town of the era. The background consists of the famous squares, magnificent churches, delightful architecture and a bevy of successful Merchant Princes and Cotton Factors.
Henry C. Duggan,III, is also the author of
Silver's Odyssey, a survival story from the
1622 shipwrecked Atocha silver galleon

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