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Scepter of Flint

Holmes, N.L.


When several wealthy tombs are robbed during the king's jubilee, Egyptian diplomat Hani is called in to investigate if foreign ambassadors are involved. What he finds is worse than robbery.

"This is close to a flawless novel. The characters are all fully and insightfully developed; the storyline is impressively tapestried; the author excels at imagery and symbolism, layering a subtle yet powerful avian motif throughout. But it’s the immersive nature of the narrative that makes this novel so hard to put down."--Blue Ink Reviews, Starred Review
“N. L. Holmes is a spellbinding storyteller who seamlessly employs her extensive background in archeology and brings to life a culture and a people out from the ruins of time. Highly recommended!” – Chanticleer Reviews, 5-star Best Book
"An engaging historical murder mystery that’s fun to read, highly informative and full of wonderful characters set in the changing political landscape of Egypt, 1343 BCE."--IndieReader Review

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