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Search and Deception

Marzano, Peter J


Brian O'Sullivan, an art history professor learns he was adopted after finding letters from his birth mother sent 60 years earlier. Filled with emotion, he sets off to find her but is called to Europe by his Interpol team. Still keeping his Interpole role hidden from his wife, he heads to Amsterdam to investigate and solve an old WWII art theft mystery after a recently discovered SS soldier's diary identifies a possible location of the hidden art. As the team reviews clues and looks for the art, an unexpected twist of fate and circumstances thrust Brian into a maze of lies, deception and corruption. Will the team find the art? Will Brian find his elderly mother? How does Brian's wife handle her past? And what becomes of Brian when his past and present collide in a dangerous conflict with an unknown stepbrother who wants to kill him? This story is a sequel to Litany of Sorrows by author Peter J. Marzano.

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