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Secrets and Showgirls

McCullagh, Catherine


Monsieur Maurice is the manager of Le Prix d’Amour, one of the most successful cabarets in 1930s Paris. Sparkling showgirls and vibrant performers ensure that Le Prix has a devoted following and that Monsieur Le Prix’s Owner is a very rich man. But with the German invasion of 1940, Monsieur Maurice discovers that a number of his performers hide dark secrets that could see the entire company tossed into a Gestapo cell. With his ingenuity taxed to its limits, Maurice treads a fine line between the Germans, the French police and the resident informer, while dabbling in the black market and skimming profits from the occupiers. Secrets and Showgirls presents the occupation of Paris from a vastly different perspective, its colourful characters ranging from an alcoholic closet communist, sassy showgirls and a gorgeous female impersonator to a sensual dominatrice, vibrant beings who adapt, defy and finally take the fight to the invader as liberation beckons.

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