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Shadow on the Highway

Swift, Deborah


May 1651.

England is in the midst of a bitter civil war and the King is getting ready to make his last stand against Cromwell’s New Model Army. Abigail Chaplin, a young deaf girl, has lost her father to the Roundhead cause. But with her family now in reduced circumstances, she is forced to work as a servant in the house of her enemies – Markyate Manor, belonging to Royalist Lady Katherine Fanshawe.

Abi is soon caught up in a web of sinister secrets which surround the Fanshawe estate, the most mysterious being the disappearance of Lady Katherine late at night. When Lady Katherine falls for Abi’s brother, a Roundhead, Abi’s loyalties are tested to the limit. Can she keep both her mistress and her brother out of danger?

A tale of adventure and budding romance set in the turbulent English Civil War, this is a novel to delight teens and adults alike. Includes historical notes from the author.

Shadow On The Highway is based on the life and legend of Lady Katherine Fanshawe, the highwaywoman, sometimes known as ‘The Wicked Lady’. It is the first book in The Highway Trilogy for young adults (and adults!)

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