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She Sees Ghosts - The Story of a Woman Who Rescues Lost Souls

Fitz-Gerald, David


A sixteen-year-old with a mystic bloodline. The bloody aftermath of tragedy. Can she master her powers before she loses her grip on reality?

Vermont, New Year’s Eve, 1799. Mehitable Munch basks in a life full of small blessings. Content to grow up slowly in her frontier hometown, the teenager is more focused on building friendships than on her uncanny ability to see the dead. But when a devastating fire kills her entire family, the grief-stricken girl finds herself haunted by a vengeful specter.

Desperate to preserve her sanity, Mehitable flees the village at the edge of the lush woods for a hardscrabble settlement high in the mountains… only to be horrified when she’s pursued by a horde of spirits. And as the soul of the man who caused her home to go up in flames turns demonic, the novice seer frantically searches for a way to purge him from this world.

Can Mehitable set the haunts to rest before she joins them in the afterlife?

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