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Soldier On

Nyden, Erica


Just weeks after the Nazis begin their brutal air attack on London, twenty-one-year-old nurse Olivia Talbot is sent to remote Cornwall, England, to care for the blind and embittered Major William Morgan, a former prisoner of war from the British Army.

Major Morgan challenges Olivia’s innate bedside manner with harsh words and ingratitude, but she persists. Her tenacity as a caregiver forces him to reckon with his demons and awakens his will to recover. Against the backdrop of peaceful Keldor, the major’s family estate, a budding friendship blossoms into an unexpected romance.

But now, as life seems perfect on the home front, the harsh realities of war intrude. An unwelcome guest visits Keldor, reviving William’s inner soldier. Olivia becomes victim to a vicious attack of which she is unprepared, causing William to act on a decision that could change their future forever. And when war comes close to taking everything Olivia holds dear—including her belief that she’ll see William again—can she resurrect the strength she is known for and soldier on without him?

Set in the stunning Cornish countryside, Soldier On is the perfect wartime romance for fans of The Bronze Horseman, In Farleigh Field, and A Fragile Peace. It’s a story of perseverance in the face of hopelessness, when a man and a woman learn that sometimes the best things in life are born from tragedy.

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