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Stealing the Holy Grail

Perlow, S. M.


In 523, in Francia, Princess Cera is desperate to steal the Holy Grail.

Cera’s knightly order moves the grail secretly across Europe, not sharing its healing powers with the starving or the ill in the cities they visit. Instead, they maintain the grail as the mystic goal of a quest for chivalric knights who cater to the needs of well-off lords and ladies.

Cera can’t stand being merely a witness to the hardship around her, and while she’s dangerous with her daggers, she can’t take the grail by herself. Fortunately, Sir Perceval, the youngest of King Arthur’s knights—the one she expects to understand her point of view—is close to finding the grail. But could virtuous Perceval prove both worthy of achieving the Holy Grail and willing to help Cera steal it?

The wizard Merlin and the Lady of the Lake won’t be ignored with the stakes so high. Meanwhile, Roan the Relentless, a pagan Saxon warrior who’s been through hell on earth, sets his own sights on the grail and will stop at nothing to get it.

What is to be the fate of the Holy Grail and those who seek it?

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