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The Brooklyn Boys Club

Midwood, Ellie


Born and raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, Renzo has always been the craziest kid on the block: always first to sink a boat, to steal a car or to egg-bombard an unlucky cop. However, as he grows up, all his “stunts”, fearlessness and great personality attracts the attention of underground rulers of the heavily mob-associated neighborhood. Now Renzo and his friends have to decide for themselves if they want to become a part of the “family”… or create their own Brooklyn Boys “family”, where the first rule is that there are no rules.
Impossible to put down, The Brooklyn Boys Club is like a roller-coaster ride that will open the Italian-American side of New York City to you on a completely different level: you will laugh out loud, you’ll hold your breath and in the end you’ll fall in love with Renzo and his daredevils, who laugh in the face of danger and never play it safe or by the rules.

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