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The Cartographer of Venice

DINGLI, Rosanne


A retired couple stumbles on an old mystery ...
... they don't suspect the power of history, and the modern danger it creates.

Water, ships, boats, and boatmen are part and parcel of Venice. When Denise and Roger arrive by yacht, they're bewildered by the mystery of a missing map; a convent's tourist attraction. An ancient quest leads the couple into modern dangers; both of them alarmed and panicking. But even the help of brilliant Professor Bryn Awbrey can't stop the ruthlessness of crooks, who care only for money.

Everyone has their own particular brand of fear. It interrupts, slows, and stops us all. But it must finally be faced. Through history, the missing map fills whoever finds it with dread; from a luckless sea captain to an impatient nun. Can fear keep the map hidden forever?

The Cartographer of Venice is a story that straddles two timelines. The history, food, locations, and mystery of Venice are as vivid today as they were in the 1500s.

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