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The Chateau on the Hill

Mitchell Cecly Ann


Rhys Le Noireau is a conflicted man.
His mother Astral told never told him he was heir to a multi-billion dollar estate in the Caribbean island of Trinidad.
While Astral lies comatose in a Washington DC facility, Rhys discovers, not only has he, inherited the estate but the codicil of his Great-grandfather's will is explicit. He must return to Trinidad and live in the Le Noireau Chateau in Scotland Bay, a village where no one has lived since 1941.

Annalise Roach has finally got the man of her dreams.
As ‘Girl Friday’ to his mother, Astral Le Noireau, she has been comforting Rhys through his mother's illness and gently loving him through life's storms.
Just when Annalise thinks she can relax and enjoy their relationship, the codicil in Jean Claude Le Noireau's will, surfaces, ripping away her chance of happiness, and taking Rhys on a perilous journey through churning Caribbean tides, washing him and their relationship onto the rocky shores of Scotland Bay and the Chateau on the Hill.

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