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The Corkscrew App

Fischer, Max Willi


Fourteen-year-old Justin Deveraux thinks Corkscrew is just another role-playing app on his father’s phone. When he realizes that it actually transports the player back in time, it is too late—he is already in the summer of 1754. The French and Indian War is in full force, and he has been thrown into the middle of it. He now must gain the trust of the English before he is labeled an enemy. Trying to survive the eighteenth century, he finds himself in the forest fleeing from Native Americans, performing manual labor, and working alongside the young George Washington, who Justin discovers is someone completely different than the man studied in history class. Justin also needs to figure out how Corkscrew ended up on the phone, what his family has to do with the app’s creation, and how his friend Isabella is connected with time traveling. Is there anyone he can trust? Just as he grasps the truth, he is forced back into the Corkscrew app...and this time he may not return.

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