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The Kings Engraver



In Georgian London and pre-revolutionary Paris, William Wynne Ryland is a brilliant engraver. The British King, George III and Queen Charlotte demand his services. The French have other plans for him. His only choice is to seek his fortune in a shadow world of spies and sharp-dealers.

A life of ease and plenty is just out of reach. One high-risk venture follows another. Paper
money has its temptations, but forgery is a hanging crime. Will his talents lead to
riches or to the scaffold?

The King's Engraver is inspired by the life story of a supremely talented man at the heart of a louche art world. William weaves his way between fearful threats of invasion and the promise of fortunes to be made where art and money meet.This novel fills in the gaps between the historical evidence to draw out the emotional force that drives William towards a destiny that belies the promise of his glittering career.
Enjoy this tale of one man and two cities, featuring an international cast of character

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