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The Last Shroud

Birks, Derek


The Wars of the Roses must be settled on the field of battle. The prize? The crown of England.
July 1469: just as England has finally found peace, a revolt breaks out against King Edward IV, forcing Ned Elder to take up his sword once more. But is Ned the warrior he once was? As the kingdom spirals into civil war, divisions between Ned and his sisters, Emma and Eleanor, threaten the family’s very survival. Out of the turmoil of rebellion steps an old enemy who offers to help Emma, but can she trust him?
Will the Elder family stand together when it matters most? They must, if they are to survive.

‘The end of The Last Shroud, and this excellent series, left me quite bereft of Ned's company and Mr Birks' talent for writing a good story.’ Discovering Diamonds Review

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