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The Legacy of the Marshall Cousins

Angell, Z. A.


1712 – Marseille, France. A greedy crook plots a heist of priceless paintings and portraits. Meanwhile, an ambitious knight changes his orders involving sacred relics.

But when the goods go missing, their plans shatter. Facing unpleasant consequences, the crook and the knight both blame their losses on the mysterious Marshall cousins.

1718 - Paris, France. Beautiful and headstrong, Charlotte never hesitates to engage in a sword fight, or a dance at a ball. But when she must choose between two young men, her lust for adventure leads her to seek the notorious Marshall cousins instead.

Her womanizing brother Henri and his arrogant friend Antoine reluctantly follow her into intrigue and danger. But will the stolen goods ever be restored to their rightful owners... and who are the mysterious Marshall cousins?

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