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The Murmur of Masks

Kullman, Catherine


Anything Can Happen at a Masquerade – Just Ask Olivia

Eighteen-year-old Olivia's naval captain father is 'somewhere at sea' fighting the French when her mother dies suddenly, leaving her daughter homeless. Desperately in need of security and safety, a distraught Olivia accepts Jack Rembleton's offer of a marriage of convenience, hoping that love will grow between them. She does not know that Jack's affections are elsewhere engaged.

Introduced into society by the young Duchess of Gracechurch, Olivia meets Luke Fitzmaurice who is instantly smitten. She is forced to recognise that she has renounced the joys of girlhood without ever having experienced them.

Ten years later, Olivia has made the best of her situation. She loves her children and has found her place in the ton. An unexpected encounter at a masquerade with Luke Fitzmaurice leads to a second chance at love. Dare she grasp it? Before she can decide, Napoleon escapes from Elba and Luke joins Wellington's army in Brussels. Will war once again dash Olivia's hopes of happiness?

A thrilling and touching story about love and war-an eternal triangle with a difference. Shortlisted for Best Novel, Carousel Aware Prize (CAP Awards) 2017.

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