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The Princess Nun

Reedman, J. P.


Sent into a convent at the age of six, Mary daughter of Edward I, decides to make the best of a bad situation. It soon becomes obvious she is never going to make a good nun! Never forgetting that she is a princess by birth, the feisty gambler travels around England, living the high life at daddy's expense, and acquiring numerous other bad "habits" ... including being linked romantically to the Earl of Surrey, John de Warenne.
When her Father the King becomes ill and dies, the crown goes to Mary's brother Edward II and the travelling nun attends his disastrous Coronation, rubbing shoulders with the hated Piers Gaveston. For the first time, she is uneasy about the future. Leaving her wayward life behind, she retires to spending a quiet life in Amesbury Priory where she decides to have a chronicle written on the life of her family - a book that exists today.

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