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The Promise

Maroney, Amy


It is 1483, and the Pyrenees mountains are a dangerous place for a woman.

Haunted by a childhood tragedy, mountain healer and midwife Elena navigates the world like a bird in flight. An unexpected romance shatters her solitary existence, giving her new hope. But when her dearest friend makes an audacious request, Elena faces an agonizing choice. Will she be drawn back into the web of violence she’s spent a lifetime trying to escape?

The Promise: A Prequel Novella will transport you into the world of the Miramonde Series, which tells the dazzling story of a Renaissance-era female artist and the young scholar on her trail. Discover The Girl from Oto (book 1), Mira's Way (book 2), and the final book in the series, A Place in the World.

Praise for The Girl from Oto:

"An exquisite novel." -- Martha Conway, North American Book Award-winning author of Thieving Forest

"From the very beginning I was enthralled with Mira, Zari, and their entwined journeys through history and the world of art. As a curator and art historian, it's a rare treat for me to find a novel that so lovingly reflects our joys and challenges. The Girl from Oto delivers--and I can't wait to spend more time with Mira." -- Jennifer Dasal, host of the ArtCurious podcast

"A powerful story and an intriguing mystery. A Red Ribbon winner and highly recommended." -- The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

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