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The Singer and Her Song

Holmes, N.L.


A famous singer, her hometown fallen to the Assyrians, finds herself a refugee in Ugarit. But she hasn't escaped the biggest danger of all--herself. To save her family, she must relearn everything she thought she knew about love.

"Beautifully written; the author's storytelling prowess brings into full force vivid images and enduring emotions... Each page, with its rich language, bursts at the seams with action and emotions... The characters are not black and white, but shades of gray; their struggles and choices are vivid and human in every way. It has a beauty that is forceful and sharp. It is filled with dialogues that are memorable and scenes that leave readers gasping in surprise."--Online Book Club
"A somber delight; a well-researched novel that brings to life the very human characters caught in a time of war and tragedy, yet equally at the mercy of their own foibles and forced to find a way to survive tangled interpersonal relationships."--Indie Reader

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