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The Third Daughter

Forsyth, Fiona


Rome, 68 BCE.

Julius Caesar begins his controversial career in government.

At the same time, a third daughter, Tertulla, is born to the Junius family on the Palatine Hill.

Tertulla grows up under the guidance of her brother, Marcus Brutus, and her mother Servilia.

When Tertulla discovers that her mother is Caesar’s mistress, she begins to wonder who her father might be. Frustratingly, she has more questions than answers.

As Rome descends into a civil war, the young woman realises how compromised and conflicted her mother is – torn between Caesar and the old Roman nobility.

After the civil war, Caesar stands victorious. Rome – and Tertulla – look to find some peace. But her brother is at the heart of a dangerous conspiracy to assassinate Caesar.

Tertulla, enduring grief and tragedy, still asks the question – was Caesar her father?

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