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The Year We Lived

Crow, Virginia


It is 1074, eight years after the Battle of Hastings changed the cultural and physical landscape of the country forever.
But England is about to be shaped by another legacy: one which is truly immortal.

Liebling of the Hall, Edith, knows the year will be cursed as soon as the yule block burns out prematurely. Nonetheless, when she meets a mysterious figure in the Fens who claims to be a changeling, she finds herself falling in love with him, ignoring the concern of her brother, Robert, and continuing to visit. But when her brother’s nemesis, Henry de Bois, kidnaps her on one of these visits, events are set in motion which will change England forever.
A gripping historical fiction with an astonishing twist!

"This has to be the cleverest book I have ever read. It has complex characters and an engaging story line. The final chapters are simply outstanding and pull everything together."
“The twist was written so wonderfully that I can’t believe how perfectly everything ties up together.”

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