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This Sun of York

Appleyard Susan


Best historical fiction I’ve read in a long while!
Goodreads reviewer
Feeble-minded King Henry VI falls into a catatonic state and doesn't emerge for sixteen months. His queen, Margaret of Anjou, will do anything to protect her husband and young son. The great lords are fighting among themselves to become 'the power behind the throne'. These elements combine to lead the kingdom into civil strife: York against Lancaster. During the maelstrom of war, Anne of York looks for love outside her marriage to the cruel Duke of Exeter, who fights for the house of Lancaster. Her brother Edward is a carefree and charismatic youth, given more to the pursuit of women than the lust for a crown, but when his father and younger brother are killed in battle he throws off the follies of youth and emerges as an inspired leader and surprisingly able military man.

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