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War in Adelaide

Crabbe, Stephen


South Australia, 1914.

When war against Germany erupts on the other side of the earth, a huge wave of suspicion, prejudice and persecution floods the Adelaide community. A harsh concentration camp is built for men branded as enemy aliens.

Five diverse people on the home-front are made vulnerable by the war:

Elsie, gifted and ambitious child pianist, with German ancestry.
Oskar, famous sportsman and businessman, also with German origins.
Wilfred, a caring Anglican parish priest, opposed to the war.
Pansy, an outsider by her very nature, but a fighter for the downtrodden.
Little Neddy, a poor communicator with people, yet a prodigious singer with birds in the scrub.

Each finds outer enemies and inner problems. As corpses pile high in faraway Europe, these five lives intertwine and friendships form. How will they meet the challenge of this time of war?

Live with finely etched characters in this luminous fiction based on verifiable facts. A South Australian Saga, Book 2.

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