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Dr Martin Campbell was born in Greenock, Scotland. He has worked as a window cleaner, ambulance driver, teacher and psychologist in London, New York, Edinburgh and St Andrews. He has written two novels, Bad Beat Hotel and Sailor’s Heart, both available in paperback on and in Kindle versions on Sailor's Heart is now available as an audiobook. Sailor's Heart was Book of the Week in The Courier, Book of the Month in Yachting Monthly and also reviewed favourably in The Herald, Press and Journal and National. Besides writing, Martin also enjoys fishing and playing poker, with little returns on either of these activities.

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Based on true events.
1942. The war at sea is being lost. One per cent of all naval personnel are being referred as psychiatric casualties. The British Admiralty introduces the Stone Frigate approach.
Three men fight for their country in the Arctic convoys of World War II, then for their sanity and dignity, labelled as cowards and subjected to experimental psychiatry at an isolated facility set up to by the British Admiralty to recycle men back into battle.
To the Navy they are faulty parts, not constitutionally suited to operate at sea. To the public they are poltroons, malingerers and psychiatric cases.
The places in this story are real, but everyone who played a part in what happened is now dead. It is safe to tell what really happened. What was important then, nobody cares about now.
True courage is facing danger when you are afraid, surviving in the circus of war.

Sailor's Heart

Martin Campbell

Based on real events, they fought for their country, then for their sanity

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