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My name is Maureen Thorpe. I love history (English), mystery and magic, so I write about all three. I was born in Castleford, West Yorkshire to a coal mining family, an only child but not spoiled -not enough money! After completing my SRN in Leeds, I emigrated to Canada where I worked as a nurse for most of my career. I was also a yoga teacher and a running coach. Now I live and write in the Rocky Mountains along with elk, bear, coyotes and turkeys.

My novels always begin in God's Country, Yorkshire, and the heroine, Annie, a midwife who travels back in time to Medieval Yorkshire to find murder and mayhem. My second novel, 'Sailing to Byzantium' (release date June 2020) sends Annie back in time to the Viking era, starting point Jorvik.

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In All the World’s a Stage. Annie and her time-travelling friends take a vacation in 17th century London to see the famous Globe theatre. London is bursting at the seams with the privileged, the poor and the rogues. A bag of silver coins brought by the time-travellers to purchase food and board becomes a sought-after prize from people who will stop at nothing to seize the bounty. In constant danger, Annie and friends must create ingenious and wily scenarios along with a famous playwright to bring the London gangs to justice.

The Annie and Rosamund Series:

Tangle of Time “What a fun story! A little history….a little mystery...” - Barbara Hemphill

Sailing to Byzantium - ”...historic adventure through rivers, seas and dazzling ancient streets…” - Thom Gordon

Coventina’s Well - In Coventina's Well, Annie and friends fall foul of the Roman Army in 296 and begin a perilous journey to Hadrian's Wall where the Goddess Coventina awaits. “Another wonderful read by this author!” - Tony Berryman

“I admire Maureen Thorpe's research, carefully developed settings, appealing characters, and the huge scope of her ambitious magical-mystery-time-travelling series. I look forward to Annie's next adventures.” - Anne H.

All the World's a Stage

Maureen Thorpe

A fourth Annie and Rosamund Mystery - A spellbinding journey through time and cultures

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