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ROZSA GASTON is a historical fiction author who writes books on women who reach for what they want out of life. Her focus is on 16th-century European female rulers. She studied European history at Yale, and received her Master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University, including one year at Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). She worked at Institutional Investor, then as a columnist for The Westchester Guardian.

Her works include Margaret of Austria, the award-winning Anne of Brittany Series: Anne and Charles, Anne and Louis, winner of the Publishers Weekly 2018 BookLife Prize for general fiction, Anne and Louis: Rulers and Lovers, Anne and Louis Forever Bound, a 2022 Chaucer Awards Finalist, Marguerite and Gaston, The Least Foolish Woman in France, and Sense of Touch.

Gaston lives in Bronxville, NY with her family and is currently working on her next book. Her motto? History Matters.

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Anne and Louis Forever Bound

Rozsa Gaston

◆ Royalty ◆ Power ◆ Politics ◆ Love ◆ Struggle

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