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Susan Wands is a writer, tarot reader, and actor. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in theater and women's studies and has acted professionally across the United States and on Broadway. Her adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was produced at the Cornish Institute in Seattle and she has written plays, screenplays, and skits produced several indie films, and was a company member in Rumble in the Red Room, an off-Broadway troupe, for four years. As a co-chair with the NYC Chapter of the Historical Novel Society, she helps produce monthly online book launches and author panels. In London, she has lectured at Watkins Books for their Recorded Authors series, and at Atlantis Books, presented at the Occulture Berlin Festival, and for the online academy, Morbid Anatomy. Ms. Wands' writings have appeared in Art in Fiction, Kindred Spirits magazine, and The Irving Society journal, FIRST KNIGHT. Some of her podcast interviews include: 'Biddy Tarot', ‘Imaginary Worlds’, ‘Bad Ass Bitches Tarot’, and the ‘Spirited Tarot’ YouTube channel. She lives in NYC with her husband, actor Robert Petkoff, and two cats, Flora and Flynn. Her first book in a series, Magician and Fool, Book One, Arcana Oracle, will be published May 2023 by SparkPress, which will also publish the second book High Priestess and Empress. Emperor and Hierophant, the third book in the series, is in final edits.

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Pamela Colman Smith newly arrived from New York to her birthplace of London, is received as an oddball in Victorian society. Her second sight helps her in her new job: illustrating tarot cards for the Golden Dawn, a newly formed occult group. But when Pamela refuses to share her creations with Aleister Crowley, a controversial magician, he issues a threat: give up the cards’ power, or he’ll harm her muses.

Magician and Fool, Book One, Arcana Oracle Series

Susan Wands

Book One, Arcana Oracle Series (Arcana Oracle Series, 1)

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