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Susannah Willey is the award-winning author of War Sonnets (JUL 2023, Utter Loonacy Press). Awarded a five star “award of excellence” by the Historical Fiction Company, War Sonnets was also awarded third place in the General Fiction Category of its 2022 Book of the Year awards.
Susannah Willey was born in 1952 in the small town of Ira, New York where her family settled over 200 years ago. She received a degree in Instructional Computing from SUNY Empire State College in 1998 and a degree in Instructional Design from Boise State in 2002. She and her partner make their home in Central New York in the foothills of the Adirondacks. A baby-boomer and a first-generation computer geek, nature photography and hiking are among her passions and, like all good grannies, she knits.
Susannah loves to tackle the less explored emotional experiences of war. Her rich family history often serves as the foundation for her historical novels. Her first novel, War Sonnets, was inspired by poetry written by her uncle about his experiences in the Pacific War during WWII. Her upcoming novel follows a Civil War surgeon and is loosely based on the military service of two ancestors.
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Short blurb at bottom:
No matter what side you take in this war, it will end in profound loss."

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In the war-torn Philippines, two soldiers scout the landscape. Under ordinary circumstances they might be friends, but in the hostile environment of World War II, they are mortal enemies. Sergeant Leal Baldwin writes sonnets. Lieutenant Tadashi Abukara prefers haiku. Despite months of combat,
Leo and Tadashi discover the humanity of their enemy and the questionable moral acts committed by their supposed comrades, and they begin to
ask themselves why they are here at all. When they at last meet in the jungles of Luzon, only one will survive, but their poetry will live forever.

War Sonnets

Susannah Willey

This is not your father's war story.

Book Excerpt or Article

"The Americans came closer, their voices louder now, as if they were unconcerned about attack. Tadashi kept his body still, held his breath, and
hoped they would pass by without noticing him. The soldiers tramped through the kunai grass, the rough leaves swishing against their uniforms.
They are close, he thought. Too close and there is nowhere to hide.
Tadashi had to decide—life or death. Honor or disgrace.”

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