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The Soldier and The Orphan



Billy and Tommy Jones, are born out of wedlock in Blackmoor, Lancashire in 1921. Mary, their mother is pressured by the Catholic church to put them into an orphanage. Neither boy knows he has a brother until thirty-two years later. The Soldier and The Orphan follows the unpredictable lives of each protagonist as they go to different parts of the world where they suffer consequences, not of their own making. Billy is injured in WW2, Tommy is sent to Canada as a Home Child and is in Jersey, a Channel Island when the Germans invade and occupy the islands.

...As we travel here and there, we are given glimpses of pre-and post-World War II England, the Channel Islands, and Quebec; the changing settings almost become characters themselves. Mr. Henry has written this book in an easy, approachable style, that makes it a quick read for the 'hungry' voracious reader, but one that will also appeal to the casual reader who wants to enjoy small bites at their own pace...

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