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A Distant Horizon

Brear, Anne Marie


1851 Ireland.
After enduring years of a devastating potato famine, Ellen Kittrick is a survivor. Crop failures and a descent into poverty changes her from a happy wife and mother to a woman struggling to keep her children alive.
To put food on the table and to stop the landowner's agent from tearing down their cottage due to unpaid rent, Ellen defies her family and works at an Englishman’s manor, but with her husband out of work, and a secretive brother-in-law wanting her for his own, Ellen must face every challenge with new strength.
When several shocking events occur, it forces her to make an enormous decision.
With aid coming from an unlikely source, namely Englishman Rafe Hamilton, Ellen leaves Ireland with what is left of her family to start again in a new country.
But will the colony give her the security and happiness she longs for, especially when she has left her heart behind?
Can Ellen thrive in a strange land?
Or has she made the greatest mistake of her life?

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