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A Just and Upright Man

Lynch, RJ


Life was precarious in 1763. When James Blakiston fell, he fell a long way and now he had two struggles on his hands--to bring the murderer of old Reuben Cooper to justice and to deny his love for the beautiful and spirited but low-born Kate Greener. As he builds a picture of the history of the murderous Cooper family over three generations, a missing coat begins to occupy his attention. How did it get from where it was to where it is--and why? A chance remark opens the door to the murderer at last. And Blakiston rejects love. But will love let him go?

Some review headers:

Evokes the plight of the rural poor in the 18th century

A romp through time that will leave you mesmerized!

Great historical mystery!

Historical Fiction is my genre and I enjoy a good mystery … throw in a little romance ...

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