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A sad Chopin waltz

Koulouri, Marina


What's a sensitive classical pianist doing in a sleazy WWII Parisian cabaret? Why is he keeping his Chopin sheet music inside the bench seat every night? Which two people from his past have scarred his soul forever?
Winter Pale, a young beautiful foreigner, a girl with a painful past of her own, recounts his story and, with it, delves deep into her own soul.

This short story, from the backstage of the award winning historical novel WINTER PALE, sheds light onto the character of Louis, the exceptional, poetic, and visionary pianist of 'The Golden Doe' club, and is a perfect standalone as well as an insightful complementary read to the main novel.

If you loved "The War in our Hearts", "Promise at Dawn", and "At Swim, Two Boys" you must read this deeply emotional, thought-provoking, and intriguing character revelation.

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