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A Suggestion of Scandal

Kullman, Catherine


England, 1814 If only he could find a lady who was tall enough to meet his eyes, intelligent enough not to bore him and had that certain something that meant he could imagine spending the rest of his life with her.

As Sir Julian Loring returns to his father’s home, he never dreams that ‘that lady’ could be Rosa Fancourt, his half-sister Chloe’s governess. Rosa is no longer the gawky girl fresh from a Bath Academy whom he first met ten years ago. Today, she intrigues him. Just as they begin to draw closer, she disappears—in very dubious circumstances. Julian cannot bring himself to believe the worst of Rosa but if she is blameless, the real truth could be even more shocking, with far-reaching repercussions for his own family, especially for Chloe.

Life has taught Rosa to rely only upon herself. Caught up in a shocking turn of events that threaten her with a scandal from which she could never recover, she must save herself even it means leaving all she loves behind. Can she save her reputation—and her heart?

"I loved the characters, the plot, I loved the way it made me feel I was in the era." Pauline Barclay, Chill with a Book Awards.

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