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A Treacherous Engagement

Keysian, Elizabeth


In a grotto surrounded by rhododendrons, Miss Phoebe Duvall discovers a VERY eccentric gentleman.
With England at war with France and his earldom at stake, the last thing disgraced Robert Goodrich needs in his life is a woman bent on marriage. Especially when that woman is the enticing but desperate daughter of a spy trading secrets with the enemy.
Miss Phoebe Duvall must marry immediately or lose a vital inheritance. But her interest in the secretive Charles Addyman proves a costly mistake, entangling her in a web of prisoners and French spies.
When the devastatingly attractive Goodrich offers a marriage of convenience, she’s sorely tempted. But he hasn’t told her the truth about himself, and she’s tricked into an engagement with Addyman, who claims to have her father captive.
Goodrich must destroy his enemy without harming Phoebe, who has won his heart. But with her father’s life at stake, she’s going to take a bit of convincing that marriage to Goodrich would be the right decision.

If you like complex, swash-buckling heroes and stubborn damsels who try get themselves out of their own distress, grab your copy NOW. And if you enjoy the Marry in Haste theme of the series, you'll LOVE Book #1, I LOVE TO HATE YOU, too.

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