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Dark Before Light

Cousins, B.G.


As Robert Rainey disappears into the darkness of the Third Reich, his children, Jeremy and Jillian fear he has become a Nazi. Following their father's words, they both embark on paths to find the light. Jeremy becomes a high level spy, keeping tabs on the Nazi nuclear program. Jillian takes up nursing in the army and is posted to the Philippines on the eve of the Japanese invasion. As the war grinds on, their lives become ever more precarious. Jeremy must undertake a dangerous mission to stall the nuclear program with the Gestapo hot on his tail. Jillian follows a hereditary sword exactly like her father's into the heart of Japan and witnesses the dawning of the nuclear age.

Through the many shades of good and evil, the siblings persevere with the help of old friends and ties to the 650-year-old origins of the hereditary sword of the Raineys

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