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Severn, Emmaline


It is 1903, beautiful and passionate Gloria Armstrong waits on the snowy steps of Durham register office, she is eighteen years old and pregnant. Knowing her domineering father will be outraged, she has eloped to marry her handsome fiancé, aspiring doctor Gerald Phelps. They return to London, and Gloria is thrust into the world of an upper-class doctor’s wife. It would appear she has it all, but haunted by a gypsy woman’s prediction that she will never find true happiness, will her hasty marriage stand the test of time?

Steering her way through two World Wars and into her twilight years, Gloria’s emotionally charged life is filled with betrayal, tragedy, love and companionship.

As the story unfolds, both tears and laughter will drive you to turn the pages and discover what happens next, always asking the burning question, will Gloria ever find the true love and contentment she desires, and if so, can she hold on to it?

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