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Heartache for the Shop Girls

Toye, Joanna


The new book in the heart-warming WW2 family saga series! ‘Just the balm our souls need right now’ Women’s Weekly
Summer 1942. Despite grim reports on the wireless and rationing hitting hard, Lily Collins and her fellow shop girls from Marlow’s department store are determined to put out the bunting for a family party.

But Beryl’s husband Les returns from North Africa a changed man, and Gladys worries for her own fiancé’s safety. The store is losing staff to the war effort and Lily’s young man, Jim, is torn over where his duty lies.

Then comes the knock on the door that everyone dreads. Lily’s family, always the heart of her world, is rocked to the core. The small Midlands town – and Lily’s beloved Marlow’s – must face their greatest challenge yet.

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