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Imperfect Alchemist

Miller Naomi


A remarkable life lost to history is brought into sharp focus

England, 1575. Young Mary Sidney is bearing a devastating loss while her father plans her alliance to Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke. But Mary is determined to make her mark on the world as a writer and scientist.

As Mary Sidney Herbert steps into her new life with the earl at his home, Wilton House, an unusual friendship is forged between her and servant Rose Commin, a country girl with a surprising artistic gift, that will change their lives for ever.

Defying the conventions of their time, mistress and maid will face the triumphs, revelations and dangers that lie ahead together.

'An artful tale of spirit and courage ... Rich and engaging' Ruth Ozeki, author of A Tale of the Time Being

'A tribute to the strong women of the times ... I wholeheartedly recommend it' Margaret George, author of The Autobiography of Henry VIII

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