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Forrest, Alistair


Julius Caesar’s crack legions bear down on an obscure Spanish town, Munda, at the climax of Rome’s civil war.
Against him are ranged the massed forces of Pompey the Great’s sons, Gnaeus and Sextus. To the victor, the spoils.
Caught up in the conflict is an unlikely hero, Melqart. Near fatally wounded in the battle, his family is sold into slavery and his people oppressed by Arsay One-Eye, a foe crueller than Caesar.
Melqart’s quest to free his family takes him to Sicily and the shores of Africa, as he encounters enemies and allies alike.
Ultimately, the Spaniard must return to his homeland and confront Arsay.
Melqart and his people must free themselves, or die trying.
Recommended for fans of Anthony Riches, Ben Kane and Conn Iggulden.

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