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Line in the Sand

Forrest, Alistair


1000 BC.
His mother is reviled as a whore and his half-brothers despise him.
The best Dhavit of Beth Lechem can do is escape. But just as life couldn’t get much lower for the youth they call Leper, he is recruited as a spy. His mission – to find out about the superior weapons and invasion plans of the warlike Philistines.
When he is betrayed, Dhavit is thrown into an arena with two other misfortunates to fight a pair seemingly invincible warriors. Only speed and quick wits can save him.
Dhavit believes he is chosen by the gods and finds himself revered in the Philistine court, whose rulers want to declare war on his people.
At the head of the Philistine forces is the famed Golyat, a man bred for war and destruction.
A vicious conflict for supremacy is sure to follow.
Two armies will go to war. But also two soldiers - Dhavit and Golyat.
A king and country will rise.

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