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Men of the Cross

Newcomb, Charlene


The idealistic knight Henry de Grey was prepared to bloody his sword, to slay the enemy, when he joins the Lionheart’s crusader army. But Henry struggles to justify the violent acts he has committed in God’s name when innocents are slaughtered.

Battle-hardened Sir Stephan l’Aigle's prowess on the battlefield is well known, and he takes Henry under his wing. Through heroism and heartache, the two knights’ friendship will be tested.

Their greatest trial will not be fought with sword or lance, but with their hearts.

This epic saga reveals the fighting spirit and impact of war on the knights who serve the Lionheart, the bonds of comradeship - and love - that develop between them, and their personal joys, sorrows and struggles. Men of the Cross is a must-read for all who enjoy action-packed historical fiction with a slow-burn romance.

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