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Nest of Vipers

Forest, Alistair


Caesar is dead and his successors crave vengeance.
The massed legions of Octavian and Mark Antony face off against Cassius and Brutus.
Primus pilus Titus Villius Macer is ordered to probe new defences thrown up by the assassins' auxiliaries.
His success wins him an audience with the young general Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, who sends him on a mission to his native Sicilia, which is ruled by the pirate Sextus Pompey.
Macer's homecoming is different to what he expects, however. His wife has changed - and so has the governance of the island.
The soldier becomes a spy and is drawn into a plot, which will test his mettle and loyalty, involving piracy and assassination.
A race against time and sea-battle await the veteran.
Nest of Vipers is the first book in the Agents of Rome series of novellas.
Recommended for fans of Ben Kane, Conn Iggulden and S. J. Turney.

Praise for Alistair Forrest:
'Libertas is a fast-moving tale of fortitude, survival and eventual retribution told against the background of Rome's bloody civil war.' Douglas Jackson, author of Glory of Rome.
"Libertas is a good read: pacy, exciting and often funny. Forrest makes us care about Munda. He captures the tragedy of a people dragged into the horror of a vicious war brought about by circumstances over which they had no control and could hardly understand." Lynn Guest, Historical Novel Society.

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