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Red Fury Revolt

Ridgley, JF


Rome's newest province, Britannia, suffers the Iceni queen's Boudica's wrath as she leads a revolt intent upon removing Rome's claim to their lands and lives. Now, Rome's consul Suetonius Paulinus must annihilate her and her urprising. However, with the IXth and the XXlegions cripped, can we? Suetonius is forced to use what is left of his two remaining legions, Gemina and Valeria to prevent Boudica's horde from claming any more victory. Will Suetonius' name be destroyed if he loses to a 'woman?"
As reputations and loyalties are devastated, Rome's newest tribune -- Gnaeus Julius Agricola -- and Boudica's daughter Rhianna along with her betrothed --Calgacus, are hurled into their spposing worlds intent upon destroying each other. Who will survive?

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