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The Breach

Lucyk-Berger, Chrystyna


Burying the past comes at a high price…

It’s 1922 and a year after the Italian Fascists marched on Bozen.

Nationalism in the Tyrolean Reschen Valley creates enemies out of old friends and Katharina Steinhauser fiercely protects the identity of her daughter’s father from both her family and her community.

Meanwhile, the Fascists have wrested control from the monarchy and momentum behind the Reschen Lake reservoir increases with plans to wipe out the Reschen Valley's towns and hamlets. Katharina risks writing to Angelo Grimani, the man in charge, and begs to have the project reassessed.

But Angelo is hemmed in by a force that steers him far from his dealings with the Reschen Valley and that which binds him to Katharina. It's the opportunity the Fascists have been waiting for.

Following No Man’s Land, The Breach is the second part in the Reschen Valley series. If you enjoy gripping historical fiction that won’t let you go, you will love Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger’s vivid saga. Buy or try now!

"An authentic, rich story." Laurel Busch
"Well-executed…powerful…moved me to my core.” Ann Howard Creel, The Uncertain Season

“…vivid and intriguing…transports you to another time and place.” Kristi Saare Duarte, The Transmigrant

“Utterly atmospheric. I could not put this down.” Louisa M. Bauman, Sword of Peace

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