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The Lightning and the Blade

Nixon, Terri


Manipulating the greatest of nature’s forces is a deadly game for the unwary and the unskilled. Manipulating the hearts and minds of ancient and powerful enemies can prove deadlier still, and the effects echo across a land that is poised for battle, and just waiting for a reason.

Trouble is stirring along a Cornish coastline notorious for both shipwrecks and smuggling. With elementals playing their wicked weather-games, and a mortal woman rapidly sliding into self-destruction, supply meets demand and the stakes are raised to terrifying and tragic heights.

Meanwhile, an uneasy peace has settled over the village of Lynher Mill, and a royal marriage promises to unite the moorland elementals and their old enemies on the coast. But the bride’s brother has his own reasons for sabotaging the union; his dark and secret work depends upon it. He digs deep enough to uncover long-buried hatreds and ensures those ugly truths come to light, and before long the two races embark on a collision course that threatens to destroy them both, and the mortals who stray into their path.

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