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The Quest for Eternal Life. The Last Librarian Book 1

De Groot, John C


Most historians believe that the Great Library of Alexandria was lost or destroyed.
But what if that were not the case.
Amanishakete a Nubian Princess and member of the secret ‘Guardians of Knowledge’ accepts the quest to gain eternal life and then with her lifelong friend Sabine they overcome threats and mortal danger to protect the Great Library to the present day.

Three hundred and five years before the birth of Christ Ptolemy declared himself Pharaoh of Egypt and the founder of the Great Alexandrian Library that was destined to become the known worlds largest collection of scholarly works and a destination for the greatest minds of the day. In 280 BC he was also to agree to an ingenious plan, proposed by Chief Librarian Zenodotus, to save the Great Alexandrian Library for posterity.

Nearly three hundred years later, as Cleopatra and Marc Anthony prepared to defend Alexandria from the Romans, the plan is put into action by Amanishakete.

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