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The Sicilian Sorceress

Knight, Mary


Alexis is living the good life in San Francisco: a prestigious job as an art curator for the San Francisco Museum of Art, a budding romance with a fellow garden lover, and trips to Europe to immerse herself in history. But when Alexis is accused of theft at work, she turns to an innocuous herbal remedy to relieve her anxiety, only to be sent back in time to 440 BC Girgento.

Instead of curating ancient history, Alexis is living it.

Finding herself in a flourishing Mediterranean city on the southern coast of Sicily, Alexis drops into a parallel world where her job as the gardeness and herbalist of Girgento’s famed Kolymbethra gardens is gratifying but perilous, fraught with deceit, betrayal, and politics. Holding the power to heal or harm, Alexis is at the mercy of the goddess Demeter and a singular quest that seems impossible to fulfill.

Can Alexis accept her fate in this new world and find a way to save Girgento and unravel the mysteries that connect her old life to the new?

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