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The Twisted Vine

Martin, Alex


Every journey is an adventure.
Especially one into the unknown.
Join Roxanne on her journey, travelling in France, as she discovers the pitfalls of falling in love, the trials of winemaking and unmasks a tragedy. Taste the wine, feel the sun, drive through the Provencal mountains with her, as her courage and resourcefulness are tested to the limit in this exciting vineyard romance.

The Twisted Vine is a 1980s romance set in the heart of France and is full of mystery and suspense. Roxanne Rudge, a feisty heroine, escapes her cheating boyfriend by going grape-picking in France. She feels vulnerable and alone in such a big country where she can't speak the language and is befriended by Armand le Clair, a handsome Frenchman. Armand is not all he seems and she discovers a darker side to him before exposing a dreadful secret. She is aided and abetted by three new friends she has made, charming posh Peter, a gifted linguist, the beautiful and vivacious Italian, Yvane, and clever Henry of the deep brown eyes with a chocolate voice to match. Together they unravel a mystery centred around a beautiful chateau and play a part in its future.

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