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The Woman at the Gates

Lucyk-Berger, Chrystyna


1944, Germany: Gazing through the barbed wire fence, up to the pale blue sky, Antonia dreams of home: cherry orchards, golden fields, and the man she loves, who she may never see again…

The Nazi soldier thrust the barrel of his gun between Antonia’s shoulder blades and she stumbled, still clutching the chubby hand of her small nephew tightly in her own. Her sister lifted her other little boy up into the back of the truck. Under the watchful gaze of the Germans, their eyes met, full of fear. They both looked back towards the farmhouse, their childhood home, for one final time…

Before Antonia and her family were captured and sent to a labor camp, she was a fighter rather than a victim. Working in a resistance group to free her country from those who had turned her home into a bloody battleground. By her side was clever, handsome Viktor. The man she was to marry, whose love shone like a light in the darkness of war surrounding them.

Antonia does not know if her beloved Viktor has been caught or executed. But she does know she cannot wait any longer to be saved. Her precious nephews will die without proper food and they could all be killed at any moment.

The world outside the camp gates is full of danger and war, but finding a way through them is their only hope, even if it costs Antonia her life. The Nazis have taken everything from her, but they can never take away her courage…

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